Cloud Education

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Cloud Education

We offer a customer education support program that makes it easier and more efficient to apply Microsoft Azure.
We offer three hours of free Azure Basic training for those who want to apply for and learn cloud consulting.
We are also running a hands-on training training program for Azure for gaming, a strength of GTPLUS. We provide free training through the event on a quarterly basis. Please check the event information for details.


Create an account
VM, Network configuration
Creating a DB

3 hours unit 250,000 won
Limit 15 people
* Please contact us for more than 15 people

When you request cloud consulting, we offer
First 3 hour free for visit training


Basic Course
1. Create a game server
2. Create a game database
3. Launching mobile game global
4. Easy and versatile monitoring

Deepening Process
Follow Best Practices

We offer 900,000 won meal for 6 hours each course
10 people limit
* Please contact us for more than 10 people

At the GTPLUS Education Service
Training Offered
3 hours free of first training

* Upon 1+ year contract, free service hours for Managed Service Club contracts increase / additional inquiries