Cloud Security

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Azure Security

The Azure public cloud service supports the same level of technology that millions of developers and IT professionals already trust and use. When creating IT assets or migrating to a public cloud service provider, the services and controls provided by the organization enable applications and the security of your cloud-based assets by relying on your organization’s ability to protect your data.
Azure’s infrastructure is designed from the facility for applications that host millions of customers simultaneously and provides a reliable foundation for businesses to meet their security needs.

Easy and simple

Easy and simple
Windows10, Office365, etc. Automate the installation and deployment of key business applications Security and management policy enforcement from one console Execution management

Security Platform

Security development cycle, internal audit essential security training, background scan penetration testing, intrusion detection, DDoS, audit and logging physical security, network security incident response, joint responsibility

Privacy, control

User Data
Management Data
Location Control Conditional Data
Access Provided Support
for Business Organizations
Strict Privacy Standards


Security Center
General Control Hubs
Cloud Services Due Diligence
Service, Regions, and Industry Compliance


Customer data
protection Data location
management Data access rights management
Verification of transparency hubs

Web security, data encryption, authentication security

Exclusive security solution for security upgrade of cloud computing environment


 Customer needs analysis AS-IS analysis, TO-BE establishment TCO / ROI Analysis Solution deployment Operation
Business Needs IT Needs Analysis Establish an existing system analysis Roadmap strategy Budget Estimation ROI Analysis Establish security policy
Suitable for Azure environment
Solution deployment
Customer Direct Operation Disaster Response Service (Separate)
1 day 5 day 3 day 1 wekk Total 3 weeks completed

* The average injection time for a single organization with fewer than 100 users. If you have more than 100 people, the input time may increase. System training time is not included.

Cloud Security Control

Providing information necessary for security management such as portal screen, periodic, and non-periodical report optimized for the control work of cloud computing environment


Dashboard Ticket Management Control report Regular, occasional reports
Customer Security Status Information
Ticket registration inquiry
Provide a basis for blocking threats using reputation information
Risk, expert opinion, etc.
Latest security issues, trend analysis
Infringement, Social Issues Trend Information

* The average injection time for a single organization with fewer than 100 users. If you have more than 100 people, the input time may increase. System training time is not included.

DDoS Simulation

A service that implements DDoS simulation in a cloud computing environment, contributing to lowering the external attack success rate and significantly enhancing internal system defense


DDoS simulation Phishing awareness program Vulnerability scanning
Prevention of downtime by attack
Identify DDoS attack scenario
DDoS attack response training
Obtain Vendor SLA
Reduced risk to phishing attacks
Learn how to identify phishing
Standard Compliance
Security training
Website, network services
Prevent successful hacking
Quick understanding of external threat levels