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Azure, the largest global infrastructure

Leverage the limits of your on-premises data center with a scalable, reliable, and reliable Microsoft cloud. Leverage more than 100 highly secure facilities and energy-efficient infrastructures around the world that connect you to the world’s largest network to help your business innovate and cut costs.


Azure has more than 100 services, including excellent end-to-end tools that will lead to customer success


Develop and deploy at your location with a consistent, hybrid cloud of markets. Extend Azure on-premises with Azure Stack.


Build intelligent apps with powerful data and artificial intelligence services.

Completely Trustable

Join 90% of new companies, governments and Fortune 500 companies currently running in the Microsoft cloud.

Globally proven cloud

The largest in the industry

Proposal for compliance

Based on the Microsoft cloud
Business credibility

Among Fortune 500 companies

New Subscribers
to Azure


50 Azure areas / Available in 140 countries / Bandwidth up to 1.6 Pbps in one region

Azure Region

Azure has more global locations than any other cloud providers, providing the scalability needed to bring applications closer to users around the world, maintaining data resilience, and providing customers with comprehensive compliance and resiliency options.

Microsoft Azure powered by GTPLUS

Smarter Cloud Computing In Microsoft Azure’s expert group, GTPLUS provides the best architecture and solution for your business innovation.

Game on Azure

The Full-Stack Cloud Expert, made up of professional consultants from game developers, helps you get your game development platform up and running.

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Opera on Azure

The world’s first successful migration experience of Hotel Reservation System OPERA is designed to enhance the hotel industry’s business.

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Any DB on Azure

Perform Trusted Cloud Consulting for cloud-specific DBAs.
Support for SAP on Azure preparation in 2025 for HANA DB and other third-party database termination support.

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Cloud Security with GTPLULS

Cloud Web Firewall Provides cloud security full service with professional partners, including data encryption, authentication security, DDoS simulation, and security controls.

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Cloud Managed Services

Supports reliable, edge-enabled, cloud-specific managed services that focus on business application Operations, management and improvement.

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Trusted POC with GTPLUS

Run pre-validation tests for successful cloud migration on a real-environment basis.
Prepare for a successful migration with the right choice of PoC partners.

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