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World leading technology systems
Providing High Availability (HA, Cluster) Solution

In particular, DoubleTake software, a server redundancy and disaster recovery software, is being installed and used in more than 1000 customer sites in Korea, and introduces a global solution that dramatically increases system uptime while reducing system operation cost.
We have been developing and supplying internet application development and Web system performance improvement consulting, site construction and consulting service, e-commerce education system, and home page automation management system.

Provided Services

High Availability System (HA, Cluster)

Providing high-availability (HA, cluster) solutions leading to world technology
Choose the SANless Cluster product, Double-Take, and the SAN Cluster solution, DxEnterprise, for high-availability systems without disruption
Improved service availability by utilizing Service Keeper product for service failure recovery of single system

Disaster Recovery Solution (DR, Backup)

Protect your system with world-class disaster recovery and backup solutions
Double-Take, a real-time replication solution for business continuity, Shadow Protect, an image backup solution, SBAdmin solution for Unix and Linux, protecting your critical systems

Performance Improvement System Management

Diagnose operational status of customer’s computer system with global solution
Provides performance diagnosis solution to improve processing speed of DB system