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Resistance to DDoS attacks

MAZEBOLT is specialized in DDoS testing and provides simulation for enhancing the resistance of customers to DDoS attacks.
It analyzes the status of organizations vulnerable to DDoS attacks and helps them prepare for defenses.
MAZEBOLT helps you increase your defense rate against DDoS attacks by inspecting your organization’s security status, vulnerabilities, and so on before hackers find and exploit vulnerabilities in your organization.

Provided Services

DDoS Test

Prevent downtime in advance
Identify anticipated scenarios for DDoS attacks
DDoS attack response training
Obtain Vendor SLA
Detection of configuration problems for Layer 3, 4 and 7 attacks

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Phishing Awareness Program

Reduced risk to phishing attacks
Learn how to identify phishing
Reduce security HR training costs
Standard Compliance

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Vulnerability Scanning

99% of companies experience external weakness attacks
Preventing successful hacking of websites and network services
Quick understanding according to external threat level

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