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Big Data Analysis

“Develop relationships between individuals and businesses, businesses and businesses, individuals and individuals.”
UBONE has been developing its own FRAMEWORK-based solutions in the fields of Big Data (AI, TA, Chatbot) and CRM and BI for more than 10 years.
We provide new data and cloud-based solutions and services that can lead the CRM 2.0 era and VOC 3.0 era.

Total Big Data Construction Service & Analysis

Even if you’re not a data expert

Text analytics is now possible without the skills of a data expert. With an easy and intuitive interface, you can extract the analytics and insights you want and use them right into your business.

Low cost

From text data collection to processing, classification, and semantic analysis, you can maximize your return on investment with integrated services that integrate all the functions you need for your business.

Optimized Semantic Analysis

The precise meaning of text can be grasped through precise morphological analysis of dictionary, syntax, vocabulary, identification of semantic structures between sentences, clusters that can extract meaning of whole document, classification and association analysis.

Infrastructure, Platform build

Configuring your Hadoop-based infrastructure
Build a Hadoop-based platform
Configuring a Non-Hadoop-based Infrastructure
Building Non-Hadoop based platforms

Data collection, storage, processing

Various data collection, storage, processing
Modeling (ER, DW / DM, NoSQL)
Data Integration
Data ETL
Building Data Warehouse (DW)

Data analysis and solution supply

Data visualization, analysis-based solution
OLAP / Self-Service BI
Statics, Text Mining
Predictive Analytics
Machine / Deep Learning