Cloud Service

In order to deliver a successful & meaningful cloud service,
we conduct assessment, strategic consulting, deployment, migration,
managed cloud service and training – the full service cloud.


Aside from the infrastructure phase, our cloud service expert consultants make sure to evaluate and fully understand our clients’ current cloud AS-IS environment.

* This is a process pertaining a server environment of under 50. If it is a server environment over 50, this will result in a separate engagement.

Cloud Assessment Service

For clients that have difficulty starting, GTPLUS cloud solution architect will arrive.
Creating a systematic framework, we will provide the optimized migration scenario.

Analysis of Clients’ Business

AS-IS Assessment based on selected framework
Evaluation of clients’ business environment

Determination of Suitability Pre-Cloud Service Launch

Business Environment Unification, Hybrid Elements, New Environments
Evaluate suitability of cloud scenario with the business


• Inclusive of free support for evaluating health of current IT system

• Review of integrability for cloud service entrance

• Evaluation of any possible non-effective parts

Cloud Strategic Consulting

After making inferences and optimizations for our clients’ business environment, we guarantee to present and select the most optimal cloud solution that is the most appropriate financially while resulting in the best output. We promise to be an essential cloud partner to our clients.

TCO (Total Cost of ownership)

Cloud environment spec computation
TCO Calculation

Business Analysis

Validification and Review of the Business
Review of Enhancement Plan
ROI analysis
Business Intelligence

Condition Analysis

Affordable application review and selection
Security, Network Review
Evaluation of related success rate example

Strategic Establishment

Affordable yet efficient architecture suggestion
Long-term assignment introduction
Proposal of infrastructure sales, policy making

Cloud Migration

Our clients will see incremental results through cloud computing, effectiveness, flexibility, budget. Although cloud computing is the foundation of IT support and services, it is imperative to have a systematic strategy and execution in order to have success with cloud services.
Cloud migration is the act of transferring from one cloud to another cloud service. This process requires meticulous strategic execution with a few precautions.


Cloud Test Migration Strategy Program Analysis Migration Execution Final Test & Optimizations Launch
Execution of test (PoC) environment
Execution of environment construction test
Data mapping strategy with focus on web-first
Financially efficient solution selection
Current program analysis
Development Runbook
End to end process review
Workload capture
Workload distribution
Incremental workload synchronization
Final test and optimizations
Workload distribution
Self-service or the start of managed services
2 Weeks 1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 1 Week Projected 2 months
for GTPLUS migration

* This is a process pertaining a server environment of under 50. If it is a server environment over 50, this will result in a separate engagement.

Managed Service

As cloud managed service is an outsourced program for infra & sales service, it is a core program to enhancing our clients’ business services.
Although many businesses have standardized their cloud environment, internally, many companies IT teams do not have professional cloud management experiences.
Most businesses manage their infrastructure through managed services. But, because there’s a higher focus on business sales application control, they are not able to maintain both the environment quality and cost.

Why Cloud Managed Service?

Cloud Managed Service Plan

In order to conduct a successful cloud computing environment, our clients will receive a custom billing plan.

Service Request Handling Process

* In case of unresolved item problem with Microsoft, affiliate input/ 3-4 days available

**GTPLUS Azure Helpdesk Contact : +82 2 6276 3861

Service Scope

Security Malware Detection Malware detection and alerts through OMS and Security Center
Monthly Security Reports Provide Monthly Security Reports Provides Monthly Security-Related Data
Firewall Management Configure and change Network Security Groups
Security advisory Provide guidance on system security enforcement
Management of security updates Apply the latest security patches per system
8hX5d Technical Support Business Hours (5 days) Technical Support and Emergency Failure Support
Operating System General Management Windows, Linux Operating system general management
Network Management IP change, DNS server, L4 setup and change support
Storage Management Support for storage and NAS server setup and change
8hX7d Technical Support Business Hours (5 days) + Holidays (2 days) Technical Support and Emergency Failure
System Optimization Guide Optimized architecture guide for system usage
Monthly inspection report Monthly system usage and analysis report
24hX7d Technical Support 365 days technical support and emergency failover
DR configuration technology support Technical support for DR configuration requests
ARM Script Management Periodic backup of the latest system configuration scripts
New PaaS Feature Guide Providing technical guide for applying Azure’s new PaaS function
Monitoring System health monitoring Basic abnormal system monitoring through dashboard (system availability)
System performance monitoring Standard system anomaly monitoring via dashboard (CPU, memory, network usage check)
Alert Management Manage alarms for system anomalies with threshold settings
Monitoring through OMS Take advantage of the many monitoring features available in Azure OMS
APM monitoring (separate) APM service using APM professional tool (Jennifer)
DB monitoring (separate) DB service using DB specialized tool (Selpa)
Billing Management Monthly billing management
Cost forecasting / control Cost forecasting and alarm service based on monthly usage trend
Cost optimization guide Guide to optimizing system cost based on usage
HelpDesk Service Support service according to customer’s request
Dedicated technical support person a dedicated engineer for each customer
Azure Portal Account Management Creating Azure Portal user accounts and managing permissions
Azure Case Open support Execution of Azure case open support
Backup Management System backup management Monthly Review Unlimited Optional
Recovery Service System Recovery Management
Middleware management (optional) Configuration management, additional installation, restart, log management, fault handling
DB Operation management (optional) Configuration management, additional installation, restart, log management, fault handling
JAVA tuning service (separate) Tuning Java related software performance * Optional
System Migration Service (Separate) On-premise to Cloud, Cloud to Cloud service * Optional
Data Migration Service (Separate) Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server to Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server * Optional
Additional Architecture optimization Yearly Review
GTPLUS Internal Education Provided Once a year Twice a year Three times a year
On-Site Visit Training 2 visits a year

Create VM and change type N/A
Image generation support
L4 add / delete / change support
Manage Auto Scaling policies and add / delete
Add / Remove / Change Disk
Storage Add / Delete / Change
Event, Schedule Management
Manage DB addition / deletion
DB Backup N/A
Attach / Detach Network Interface
Route Management
Private / Public IP Management
Static IP Management
Support VPN status check and new interworking
SSL Installation & Management
Network Management
– Subnets / Route Tables settings
– Security Groups Add / Delete / Change Management
– Customer Gateways / Internet Gateway Management
– Virtual Private Gateways / Network Connections Management