Smart CRM

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New Way of Work Innovation

Easy and simple

We build smart work with a reliable platform.
The first step for a company’s customer management innovation,
CRM transformation is with Dynamics 365.
Customer integration management, service management, sales opportunity management, and marketing management on a single platform.

Smart CRM

Customer information management is just the beginning of CRM. The D365 supports business service innovation through systematic project management, contract management and resource management.

Key Features

GTPLUS + Qualisoft

Customer needs analysis AS-IS analysis, TO-BE establishment TCO/ ROI 분석 Customizing Beta testing Build Operation
Business Needs IT Needs Analysis Establish an existing system analysis Roadmap Budget Estimation ROI Analysis Customer Specialization
Project Team
Room use
Building a server
User distribution
Begin customer Operations
1 day 3 day 3 day 3 week 2 week 1 week 2 months total construction completed

* The average injection time for a single organization with fewer than 250 users. If you have more than 250 people, the turn-on time may increase. System training time is not included.