Integrated Business Environment Construction

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New Way of Work Innovation

Easy and simple

We build smart work with a reliable platform.
The first step for a company’s customer management innovation,
CRM transformation is with Dynamics 365.
Customer integration management, service management, sales opportunity management, and marketing management on a single platform.

Microsoft 365 is with you.

in various ways

Share and collaborate to collaborate and communicate with team members, regardless of their location, and work in a variety of ways, including email, chat, and video conferencing

whenever, wherever

The necessary information is kept up-to-date and synchronized on any device.


Cyber attacks such as Ransomware, data loss caused by device loss can be stopped now. Manage users, devices, and applications in the cloud securely and effectively.

Easy and simple

Automate the installation and deployment of key business applications such as Windows 10 and Office 365. Security, and management policies from a single console.

GTPLUS Solution

Customer needs analysis AS-IS analysis, TO-BE establishment TCO / ROI Analysis build Education and Operation
Business Needs IT Needs Analysis Establish an existing system analysis Roadmap strategy Budget Estimation ROI Analysis Establish and build a schedule Customer Direct Operation Disaster Response Service (Separate)
 1 day  3 days  3 days 1-2 weeks  3 weeks in total

* The average injection time for a single organization with fewer than 250 users. If you have more than 250 people, the turn-on time may increase. System training time is not included.